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Using Curb Hero for Increased Security
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Security is important

When you're an agent holding an Open House, "safety" takes on multiple meanings:

  • your safety before, during, and after the Open House

  • safety of anyone attending the Open House

  • protecting the property itself and any of the owner's belongings

Here's how to add an extra layer of security to an Open House

Agents can use our follow up text feature to better verify each visitor's info when they enter the Open House.

Here's what to do once you've Enabled Guest Follow Up*:

1. Make Text Message #1 whatever you want

Hi this is Stuart, thanks for visiting 7305 Hillsview Ct [add link to property details]

2. Make Text Message #2 a prompt for the visitor to show you their phone.

As a security precaution, the seller needs to know who's entered their home. Please show me your phone with this text message so I can confirm you've signed in

*if you want to learn about our Guest Follow Up features we have a dedicated tutorial on setting up follow up texts here.

Now when someone signs in they'll receive these texts and you can ask them to show them to you so you can verify they provided a legitimate phone number.

If anyone acts annoyed by this step, just mention "my seller needs me to confirm that everyone's received the text which allows us to verify you provided legitimate contact info".

More layers of security

In addition to using follow up texts, there's more you can do with Curb Hero to hold a more secure Open House

  • you can use our QR code sign-in or our Appointment Only Open House approach to make people sign-in before entering the property

  • as the agent, you get texts every time someone signs in to your Open House so you will know if someone doesn't completely sign in - we explain how this works in this article

  • our lead verification feature attempts to verify their name, phone, and email info and can give you an indication of they mis-entered their contact info into the Open House sign-in - we explain how this works in this article

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