What are Enhanced Features?

Here's the full list of our enhanced features. They are all free for agents to use, but they require a paired lender.

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Here is the run down on each Enhanced Feature in our app

  1. Touchless Open House Sign-in: give your guests a contact free Open House Sign-in option. Your sign-in screen will show a QR code that guests can scan to sign-in safely and easily. Learn more about that feature here.

  2. Listing Microsites: Stunning property sites for agents that want to level up their digital game. These mobile optimized property lead magnets showcase Virtual/Video Tours, enable one-touch Instagram lead capture, and are perfect for any online marketing or follow up messages. More info on creating one here.

  3. Listing QR Codes: QR codes are great for print marketing like postcards (we have a template library here) OR as another Open House Sign-in option.

  4. Multiple Choice Questions: Make custom questions with fixed answer choices. This question type cuts down on the time & effort spent by each Open House visitor to sign-in which means more leads AND more structured data for each person.

  5. Phone & Email Verification: Once our algorithm verifies the info provided by a guest, their profile icon will include a blue outline. We don't want your time wasted following up on fake emails & phone numbers. Be sure to tell your single friends.

  6. Guest Background Info & Social Profiles: Using a data provider, we attempt to gather a profile photo, occupation, education history, and social media accounts for each guest. Using a data provider, we attempt to gather a profile photo, occupation, education history, and social media accounts for each guest. We admit that it's just a bit creepy, but it should help to prioritize and follow up with guests.

  7. Submit Guest Notes by Text Message: Without interrupting the Open House sign-in, submit notes for new guests via a quick text message. These notes are then saved alongside other guest details. After a busy open house you will thank yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Enhanced Features

Do Enhanced features cost anything?

No! Enhanced features (and our app overall) are free for agents...so put away your credit card.

Why bundle these features?

We want to provide as many free tools to our users as possible. Most of our enhanced features come at a cost to us so to cover these costs, we monetize by partnering with lenders that want more exposure to home buyers. You can pick the lender that you already work with (info here). If you haven't paired with your preferred lender, we default to an Expert Lender based on your region (more info about that Expert Lender here).

Where can I learn more about pairing my preferred lender?

Can I turn off Enhanced features?

Yes absolutely. Enhanced features can be disabled within any listing. Once disabled all the Enhanced features features won't be used for that listing but the our app's basic feature set will still be available (for free obviously).

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