What is In-App Charging?

How can I get the $0.30/kWh flat fee for charging?

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Simply put, In-App charging refers to charging operations completed directly via the Bluedot App at one of the stations on the map, via the Bluedot mobile application.


  • You will not receive Cash Back when you charge with in-app charging. You benefit from the $0.30/kWh price advantage on DC charging station. AC charging station price is $0.030/min.

  • In-app charging just working with ChargePoint and EVgo chargers for now.

  • You can control every station on the map with the Bluedot mobile app.

How can I charge my EV with Bluedot App?

  1. Make sure you have at least you have $20 in your Bluedot account

    1. This balance is a guarantee to avoid any problems with charging.

  2. Find charging station on Bluedot App

    Browse the map or search for charging stations in your vicinity. Choose a station that suits your needs and is compatible with your electric vehicle.

  3. Plug your car to charging station

    Physically connect your electric vehicle to the charging station using the appropriate charging plug.

  4. Select the plug connected to your vehicle and click the 'start charging' button.

  5. Check charging details and confirm charging

  6. Your charging will start after connecting
    This balance is a guarantee to avoid any problems with charging.

  7. Your charging will start after connecting

If you receive a connection error and your charging does not start, please do not panic. We are sure that you will start charging after trying a few more times.

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