Book Creator for Chrome has in-built access to Google Image Search, making it much easier to source images for your book.

Our Google Image Search is filtered to be safe, and copyright free (they are safe to use in your classroom).

Here's how to add images from Google Search:

  1. Click the + button in the toolbar
  2. Choose Import
  3. Google Image Search is the default choice
  4. Enter your search into the search box
  5. You can filter by image type by clicking the dropdown box that says Any type
  6. You can also filter by colour by clicking on any of the available colour boxes
  1. When you have chosen the picture you want, click on it to highlight it - a blue border will show it's selected (note that when an image is highlighted, the source is shown at the bottom - this is useful if you want to cite the image).
  2. With a keyboard, you can select multiple images by pressing CTRL/CMD and clicking on each photo.
  3. When ready, click the blue button that says Select and the image(s) will be placed on your page.

Turning off Google Image Search

It's possible you don't want to give students access to Google Image Search. You can restrict this in your Library settings.

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