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Use your voice to type the words

Take advantage of speech to text in Book Creator

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With Book Creator you can dictate text rather than typing. 

Dictating your book is fun, and also really useful for students who may not be able to type.

  1. Click the + button and choose Text.

  2. Instead of typing, click the record button in the top left of the text box.

  3. Speak clearly and the text will appear as you speak.

  4. Click the red stop button when you're finished.

  5. Click Done  to add the text to your page.

Dictate in multiple languages

You can even dictate in other languages besides English! Just choose the language from the dropdown menu before you start talking. There are 120 languages to choose from.

Giving permission for your browser to use the microphone

The first time you try to record your voice, your browser will ask for permission to access the microphone. You'll need to click Allow to continue.

If you're not asked for permission, or if something's not working, you might need to unblock the microphone for Book Creator to use.

In Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Content Settings ... and click on Microphone. If you find Book Creator is blocked, click on the trash can icon to unblock it - the next time you use Book Creator, you'll be asked for permission again.

Dictation in Book Creator for iPad

On the iPad, dictation is built into the iPadOS, so it works slightly differently. First, enable dictation on your iPad by going to Settings > General > Keyboard, then turn on Enable Dictation.

In Book Creator, open a text box and you'll see there is a Microphone icon next to the space bar in the keyboard. Tap on that and you can start talking to dictate text.

View Apple support for more tips on dictating in multiple languages and adding punctuation or formatting text with your voice.

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