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There are lots of settings to control what students can do and see in your library

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OK, so you've created a library. Now let's look at managing it successfully.

First, use the Teacher Dashboard to navigate to right library. Note you'll only be able to change the settings for libraries you created yourself, or have been made a co-teacher of.

Click on the library and you'll be taken to the bookshelf.

Now, to access the library settings, click on the Settings cog in the right of the toolbar (next to the New Book button).

You'll open the Settings menu, as per below:

These are your options:

Managing users in a library

Click the Authors dropdown below the library name in the right of the toolbar. Now you can filter which books you see in a library. You can view just your books, everyone's books, or books made by a specific person.ย 

From here, if you are the library owner, you can remove users from your library by clicking the 3 dots > Remove user.
If the user is a teacher, you'll also have the option to promote them to co-teacher.

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