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You can use the camera and microphone on your device to record video straight into Book Creator, or take photos

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Obviously, this will depend on your device. Most laptops will only have a front-facing camera. If you're using a tablet, you'll likely have two cameras to choose from. You might want to use an external microphone, or just rely on your device's in-built one.

Here's the process:

  1. Click + in the toolbar

  2. Choose Camera

  3. Click on one of the buttons - Take Picture or Record Video

If you take a picture, it will take a quick snapshot and if you're happy, click Use Picture.

If you record a video, you'll see a short countdown before recording begins. Record your video, then click the Stop Video button. Then click Use Video.

Your photo/video will be placed on the page. You might decide to then add subtitles to your video.

Giving permission to use the camera and microphone

The first time you try and take a photo or video, your browser will ask for permission to access the camera and/or microphone. You'll need to click Allow to continue.

If you're not asked for permission, or if something's not working, you might need to unblock the camera or microphone for Book Creator to use.

In Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Content Settings ... and click on Camera or Microphone. If you find Book Creator is blocked, click on the trash can icon to unblock it - the next time you use Book Creator, you'll be asked for permission again.

In Book Creator for iPad, go to your iPad Settings > Book Creator and make sure Book Creator is toggled on to give access.

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