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Add captions to video

You can auto-generate subtitles for a video in 120 languages

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Once you have added a video to a page in Book Creator (either by uploading it, or recording it directly in the app), you can choose to add captions to the video. This will improve the accessibility of your book.

1. Select the video

Click or tap on the video so you see the blue box around it. Then click on the Inspector (i) button in the toolbar.

2. Add captions

Click on the Add captions link and then choose Generate automatically if you want the captions to be auto-generated. Choose the language the video is in first! Note that you also have the option to enter all of the captions manually yourself.

3. Edit the captions

After a few minutes you'll get a message saying your captions are ready. You can now go in and check the captions, making any edits as you need to. Use the slider beneath the video to reposition if you need to. You can drag the boxes around the text to change the timecodes too.ย 

You can manually add new captions, or click on the 3 dots to delete existing captions.

When you're finished, click Done in the top right of the toolbar.

4. View the captions in Read Mode

Now, when you view the book in read mode, or publish the book, when you press play on the video the captions will automatically appear. Tip: if your video is small the captions may be hard to read. Click on the enlarge icon to go full screen.

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