Copying books - how and why

How students can make a copy of a teacher's template book and work on it

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In Book Creator, there is an option to duplicate a book.

  1. Click the Books icon beneath the book you want to duplicate.

  2. Choose Copy book. You may be asked which library you want to place the duplicate book in.

Copying a book is a great way to use a book as a template. Say you teach 10 classes, with 10 different libraries in Book Creator. You might create a book in a private library then copy it into each of the classes ready for your students to read. You might also want your students to edit their own copy of the template book - you can use Assign book for this.

As an alternative to copying a whole book you can also copy selected pages from one book to another (or multiple). This is a perfect way to add material to student books later on in a course. See this help article for more details.

Make use of in-built templates in Book Creator

We've added a plethora of beautifully designed starter templates to Book Creator, which you can access by toggling between Blank Books and Templates after you click New Book. You'll also find many reusable templates in Discover which you can remix into your own libraries.

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