In Book Creator, there is an option to duplicate a book.

The main reason for using this is to use a book as a template. It's also part of the student/teacher workflow. Let's image a teacher has created a template book that she wants to make available for all her students to work from.

The teacher creates the book in the class library. Students access the library and see the book (it will be in read-only mode). To edit the book, they need to first make a copy so they have their own version to work from.

  1. Click the Books icon beneath the book you want to duplicate.
  2. Choose Copy book. You may be asked which library you want to place the duplicate book in.

Here's the whole process, looking at the teacher/student workflow:

We have some big improvements to the way template books work in Book Creator. In the meantime, check out our template library (examples from teachers). Here is an insightful article on the importance of a blank canvas.

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