You'll need access to the Admin Dashboard at

Step 1. Add teachers

We just need a list of the teacher's email addresses to set them up. Choose the Teachers tab, then Import Teachers and complete the form. You can quickly paste into here from a spreadsheet of teacher emails.

Step 2. Assign licenses

Next you need to assign a license to each teacher.
You can do this individually by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of each row.... 

Or in bulk using the checkmarks at the beginning of the rows....

You'll then see the assigned licenses listed against the teachers.

The NAME and SIGNED UP columns will populate once the teacher has signed into Book Creator.

Step 3. Send out welcome emails

Final step, let them know they can now make ebooks with their students! You can send out a standard welcome email from the dashboard, or let them know some other way. 

Next time they sign into Book Creator they will receive an invite to join your organisation and their account will be automatically upgraded.

Tip: You can edit the welcome email before sending to add your own content.

Managing licenses

You can use the same method of selecting teachers to either Remove the license or even Remove the teacher altogether from your organisation. The license will go back to being unassigned and can be reassigned to someone else.

Frequently asked questions

What will happen if one of my teachers already has a Book Creator account?

That's fine. When they next sign in they will be invited to join your organisation, and then be assigned any license waiting for them. Their libraries and books will be unaffected.

If a teacher had paid for an individual subscription with a credit card we will also reimburse the card with the remaining pro-rated amount.

A teacher signed into Book Creator but didn't get the license?

This is likely to be due to a mismatch on the email address entered into the Admin Dashboard, and the one used by the teacher to sign in. The teacher can see their email address by looking under their avatar in Book Creator. It must match exactly (including any capitals) the one entered in the Admin Dashboard.

If there's a difference just remove the teacher from the Admin Dashboard and re-enter with the correct email address.

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