Learn how to translate text, comments, audio, video and even entire books!

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With Book Creator you can translate content into 100+ languages to support all of your students and their families.


Translations is available to teachers who use Book Creator Premium as part of their School or District purchase or who have individually purchased. Teachers on the free plan can also try out the translation features a few times for free.

Student access

Students in a premium teacher's library can translate comments. Additionally the teacher can choose to enable text translation for students in the library's settings. To limit over use by students they are not able to translate audio, video or entire books, instead teachers can do this where appropriate.

Translating text

You can easily translate text in the text editor, choosing from over 100 supported languages. You can also right click on any existing text and pick Translate from the menu, or use the Inspector (the i button).

By default students cannot translate text in a book themselves but this can be enabled in a library's settings if your students would benefit from the additional support.

Translating comments

Teachers and students can translate comments on a book to ensure your feedback and their responses are all being understood. Just click on the 3 dots next to a comment and choose Translate.

At this time audio and video comments cannot be translated.

Translating video

Subtitles can be added to a video through the video's Inspector. First you need to add captions to your video in the original language of the recording. Book Creator has a built in editor to make this easy, it can even do it for you automatically.

With your captions added you can then return to the video's Inspector and click on Add translation then choose your translation language.

If you want your translated subtitles to show as the default you can set them in the Inspector using the 3 dot menu.

Translating audio

Recorded audio can be translated and Book Creator will generate a new audio file using a realistic sounding voice in the language of your choosing. To get started right click on an audio icon and choose Translate. Alternatively you can do this through the Inspector.

First you will need to add a textual transcription of your audio in the original language. Book Creator can attempt this for you automatically and you can then review and edit it for accuracy. With the transcript in place, you can choose the language you wish to translate to, pick from a selection of voices, and Book Creator will then generate a new audio recording for your page.

Translating entire books

Finally, you can translate entire books in Book Creator, by choosing Translate Book from the book menu.

Note: Book translation will not automatically translate audio files or video captions as the teacher needs to manually review the generated transcript/captions prior to translation.

We recommend reviewing the new book once it has completed translation as some sentences may have changed length and your layout may need small adjustments.

Your data and translations

We use the same technology as Google Translate for translations but rest assured that no data sent for translation is retained by Google or used for any other purpose by them. We use the translations services within Google Cloud which operate under a different terms of service to the consumer facing Google Translate at

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