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Generate a transcript for audio recordings
Generate a transcript for audio recordings

You can add captions to your audio hotspots - in multiple languages

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Whether you've uploaded the audio or recorded directly onto the page, you can add a transcript of what's said directly to the audio hotspot. This helps make your book more accessible.

1. Select the audio

Click or tap on the audio hotspot so you see the blue box around it. Then click on the Inspector (i) button in the toolbar.

2. Add the transcript

Click on the Add transcript link and then choose Generate automatically if you want the captions to be auto-generated. Choose the language the audio is in first! Note that you also have the option to type the transcript manually yourself.

3. Edit the transcript

When the transcript is ready, you'll get a message and you'll then be able to edit the transcript. Use the audio playback to listen while you make any corrections to the text. Note, you can click on the microphone to dictate the text if you prefer.

4. View the transcript in Read Mode

Notice how your hotspot now has a small text icon in the corner of it. You can click on this to read the transcript.

The text will appear as a popover so you can easily read it.

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