We get a lot of tickets saying that a book has been lost, or cannot be found. Let's look at some of the reasons this could be and how to troubleshoot.

1. You're in the wrong library

Head to the Teacher Dashboard and check the other libraries you belong to (either ones you've created or ones you've joined). 

2. You're signed in with a different account

Particularly if you use Google or Microsoft accounts to sign into Book Creator, it's possible to accidentally have switched accounts and be signed into Book Creator with the wrong one. Double-check by clicking your avatar in the top right. You can easily sign out and sign in again with the right account.

3. The book may have been deleted

If the book has been deleted (by you or the library owner) then you can find it in your Recently Deleted folder. Find out more in our article about deleting books. You can restore it from here (as long as you do so within 2 weeks of the book being deleted!).

In Book Creator for iPad...

Note that deleted books will appear in the Recently Deleted library, but as there is no sign in required you'll need to check that you are looking on the right iPad! Also note that if the app was deleted and reinstalled, any books will be permanently lost and cannot be recovered - so make sure you make regular backups of books to a cloud app!

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