If you find that a student has signed in as a teacher by mistake, please fix this immediately as it is a privacy issue, and you'll be breaking our terms of service.

1. Student signed in with a Google or Office 365 account

If this is the case, you can just have the student sign out of Book Creator, and sign back in again using the Student tab. They'll get this message:

They'll need to follow the normal process for signing in, entering a teacher's library code to join a library.

Any books they have made will be locked, but you can find them by using the library picker in the top left of the toolbar. You can move these books into any new libraries the student has joined.

2. Student signed in with an email address

To help us fix this, we'll need:

  1. The teacher's email address (to transfer any existing books made by the student)
  2. The email address of the student(s)

Note - if you find that students are purposely creating their own teacher accounts so they have their own libraries, this violates are terms and is a security risk for your students. Please do not allow this.

More info on teacher and student accounts.

3. Downgrade students in bulk using the Admin Dashboard

There are situations where whole classes of students have accidentally signed in as a teacher within an organisation, and it may be simpler to switch them in bulk.

Administrators can use the Admin Dashboard to select multiple accounts and downgrade them from a teacher account to a student account.

Teachers signed in as students 

If you registered as a student but should have signed in as a teacher, you can update this yourself by logging out, clicking the 'I am a teacher' button and signing in with the same account as before. This time you will be get this message:

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