When you first sign into Book Creator, make sure you choose the right type of account - student or teacher.

About teacher accounts

When you sign in as a teacher, you get full access to the app. That means, among other things:

  • You can log in with an email address, a Google account, or an Office 365 account
  • You can create libraries, and invite students to join
  • You can manage your account (click the Account icon in the top right toolbar)
  • Only teachers can publish books online
  • You can contact the Book Creator team for support (use the Conversation icon in the bottom right of the screen)

Students do not have access to any of the above features.

About student accounts

When students first log in, they have to:

  1. Use a Google or Office 365 account
  2. Join a library with a code

If students don't have a Google or Office account, the other option is to create QR codes for them.

See: how to get your library code and invite students

Help! I've signed in as the wrong role

If you find that a student has signed in as a teacher by mistake, please let us know immediately and we'll change it - we'll need the student email and also a teacher email to transfer any books to.

If you registered as a student but should have signed in as a teacher, you can update this yourself by logging out, clicking the 'I am a teacher' button and signing in with the same account as before. This time you will be get this message:

How do I change my password?

If you're signing in with your email address, click on the Teacher button, enter your email address and then when you come to the password entry, click on the 'Forgotten password?' link. This will then email you with instructions for resetting your password.

If you need to change your password for a Google or Office account, you need to do that outside of Book Creator:

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