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The Book Creator app was deleted and my books are lost
The Book Creator app was deleted and my books are lost

Unfortunately, if the app was deleted and books weren't backed up, we are unable to recover them

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Sometimes we hear of situations where Book Creator for iPad has been deleted (accidentally or otherwise), and then reinstalled. If this happens, unfortunately you will lose any books that were stored in Book Creator, and we have no way of recovering them.

Rest assured that updating Book Creator will not lose your books. Although please check if you use an IT company or MDM supplier to manage your apps, that deleting and reinstalling the app isn't part of their update process.

Options for recovering books

1. iTunes backup

If you have performed an iTunes backup to your whole iPad (not the same as backing up to iCloud), then you can restore the Book Creator app with all of your books intact.

2. iCloud backup with shared iPad configuration

Books do not automatically backup to iCloud ordinarily, but it can be set up by configuring shared iPads in an education setting. This ensures a student’s work is available even if their typical iPad is lost, restored or purged of their user data.

3. Individually backed up books

If you have saved any of your books individually to cloud app such as Google Drive or iCloud, you'll be able to import them back into Book Creator. But note - you can only import them if they are in ePub format, it won't work if you've exported as a PDF.

4. Books that were published online

If any of your books were published online prior to the app being deleted, we should be able to recover them if you know the URL of the published book, or the account email address you used to publish the book.

Looking for an easier solution for securing your books?

Book Creator online also works in Safari on iPads. So you might consider using that rather than the downloadable app - that way student work is always saved to our servers and is accessible on any device. The downside is you can't access these books offline like you can in Book Creator for iPad.

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