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Including emojis in your book is simple - just open up the pen tool and find the one you want

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Emojis are an excellent way of communicating ideas or feelings in a succinct way!

Click + then open the Pen tool. 

Click on the emoji icon in the toolbar and you can choose from hundreds of emoji icons to add to you page. Once you've added one to the page, you can resize it as you would any normal picture in Book Creator, using the blue handles.

You can also add emojis from the keyboard on an iPad or the devices that emojis enabled. However, we'd always recommend adding them using the method above so they get added to the page as an image rather than within a text box.

Changing skin tone

You can change the skin tone of an emoji by clicking on the yellow hand in the top right hand corner of the emoji picker.

Using emojis in the classroom

Looking for ideas for how to incorporate emojis into your teaching? Look no further! We have an amazing resource - an ebook written by Dr. Monica Burns, with tips, ideas and lesson workflows.

Bonus! Animated emojis

If static emojis aren't enough for you, check out our Animated Emoji pack from the Book Creator App Store!

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