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Publish with iTunes Connect and iTunes Producer
Publish with iTunes Connect and iTunes Producer

An overview of what's required to distribute your books with Apple

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Great – so you’ve created a fantastic book, and you’re ready to sell it. Book Creator books are optimised for Apple Books so publishing them to their platform is fairly straightforward, from a technical perspective. We've published dozens of books ourselves!

Start is with Apple Books Partner Support on iTunes Connect. They have a detailed step-by-step process for signing up for an Apple Books account, and then preparing your book with iTunes Producer and submitting and managing your books with iTunes Connect.

Note, there are some special considerations for converting video that you need to consider if you've included video in your book.

Remember, you can choose to publish the book for free, or you can charge for it. If you want to charge you'll need a Paid Books Account.

Have you got access to a Mac?

You'll need access to a Mac to download iTunes Producer to send your book to Apple. If you don't have your own Mac, you'll need to borrow one, or perhaps use a service like to rent a Mac.

Alternatively, Apple suggests several aggregators who can process your ebook for publishing.

Does Book Creator use Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Book Creator does not apply DRM to your books, leaving you free to choose exactly how you want to share them with the world. If you submit your book to Apple’s Books Store you can choose at that time to add DRM to your book.

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