We often get asked if a PowerPoint (or Keynote / Google Slides) presentation can be converted into a Book Creator book. The answer is no, unfortunately.

One quick and dirty workaround solution is to take screenshots of the presentation and then add the images to Book Creator. In some cases that might work.

Another solution could be to import the presentation file directly into Book Creator. Let's look at how that would work. (If you want to do this for Google Slides or another GSuite app, read this article instead).

Book Creator online

In Book Creator online, you need an actual published version of the presentation. If you simply import the file using the Media > Import > Files method it will embed it onto the page, but when you click on it, it will download the file rather than opening it in the book.

So, you'll need to sign into your online account and publish it first. This works not only for presentations, but also for Microsoft Word and Excel, and Apple Pages and Numbers, so log into Office.com for Microsoft or iCloud.com for Apple.

So, in PowerPoint, go to File > Share and choose Embed. Click the Generate button and then choose the dimensions of the embed. Copy the embed code that is provided.

In Book Creator, from the + button go to More > Embed and paste the code. Change the title and the presentation is embedded. Now when you switch to Read Mode and click on the presentation, it will open up in the book like this:

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