If you want help getting to grips with Book Creator, why not try our self-paced learning?

Jump straight to the course at app.bookcreator.com/certification

The Book Creator Certified Author programme is divided into two parts. For level 1 certification, there are 14 lessons covering the standard features of Book Creator – adding multimedia, reading and publishing books, navigating your libraries and more.

At the end of level 1 you need to pass a quiz, at which point you’ll become a Book Creator Certified Author, and receive an awesome badge!

For level 2 (which is still in production) we will take a deeper dive into Book Creator, applying your knowledge of the app to real-life lessons and topics across the curriculum.

How to start the course

You'll need to access the course via the Teacher Dashboard. Click on the Learn tab and you’ll see a section added called Become a Certified Author. Click on the button to View the course and this will add a new tab to the top of your Teacher Dashboard.

You can work your way through the videos at your own pace, once you've finished watching a video click Complete and continue to progress to the next lesson. Your progress is shown. Note - the videos are played with captions turned on by default, but you can turn them off if you want to.


Administrators can invite teachers to complete the certification and then check which of the teachers have completed the training using the Admin Dashboard. Learn more here: Invite teachers to complete Book Creator certification

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