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Use our starter templates and themes to create amazing books

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If you don't like starting with a blank book, use one of our pre-made templates to build a beautifully designed book instead. Here's how you do that.

1. Click New Book

Click the New Book button in the toolbar and then switch the toggle from Blank Books to Templates.

Toggling between Blank Books and Templates

2. Choose a template

Choose from the templates (more content-based) or themes (more design/layout based) by clicking on the one you want. It will open the template and you'll start with 3 filled in pages. You can edit/delete the content from these pages and replace it with you own.

Pages view in Book Creator

3. Add more pages

You can add new template pages by clicking the + button on the right hand side of the page (after page 3). You'll see a selection of new pages to choose from, just click on the one you want and the page will be added to your book, ready for you to edit.

GIF of how to add pages to a template

You can also add new pages by clicking the Pages button in the toolbar, then clicking on the 3-dot menu on a page, and choosing Insert.

GIF of how to add new pages to a template

4. Edit the content in the template

Editing text

You'll want to replace the text and images on the page. To edit the text, you just double click to open the text box, then replace the text.

Editing text in a template

Editing images

Most of the images are inside panels, so to replace an image, you'll need to first delete it by clicking on the image, then clicking the red trash can. You can then add your own image by clicking on the image icon. Upload an image or choose from the built-in Image Search. Alternatively, click the camera icon to take a photo with your device. Once you've added an image, click the arrow icon to reposition it by dragging it around or resizing it behind the panel.

GIF of how to replace an image in a panel

Some images aren't in a panel, and can just be deleted and replaced. Right click to delete, or just highlight the image and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Unlocking items

Note, some of the items are locked onto the page. You can still click into them and edit the text/image, but if you want to unlock them, you can right-click on the item and choose unlock, or click on the item, then click the Inspector (i button) in the toolbar. Once unlocked, you'll be able to move the item around the page and resize it if you need to.

How to unlock an item

5. Build using blank pages

Each template comes with the option to add a blank page too. If you choose this, you can then use the pre-defined Text options for that theme. Click the + button in the top toolbar, choose Text and you'll see there are preset text items that you can add to the page, and then edit if you want to.

Adding new text with a preset style

You can add images, audio and video to the page in the same way you normally would. You might find it useful to copy and paste items from previous template pages to ensure that you maintain the layout or other design features for consistency.


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