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Adding templates to Book Creator for iPad
Adding templates to Book Creator for iPad

Downloading our templates to use in the iPad app

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The Book Creator templates that we've added to the online version aren't yet available in the iPad app. So you won't be able to use the builder in the same way.

However, we have made the full templates available for you to download and import into Book Creator for iPad.

They are located inside this Google Drive folder. You can either add the whole folder to your Drive, or use the links in this article to download individual templates and add them to Book Creator.

Method 1: Adding templates from the Google Drive folder

You'll need to install the Google Drive app to your iPad first, then make sure you have saved the Book Creator Templates folder to your Drive.

  1. Open the Drive app on your iPad and navigate to the Book Creator Templates folder

  2. Tap on the template you want to import - you'll probably see a message such as 'Unsupported file type' - this is because it cannot display the .epub file in Drive. It's nothing to worry about.

  3. Click on the 3 dot menu in the top right of the toolbar and then click Open in.

  4. You'll get a message saying 'Preparing to export' as it downloads the template.

  5. You should then see a popup asking how you want to open the file - tap on the Book Creator icon.

Here's that whole process:

Method 2: Using a link from this page

You can use one of the links below to open the template directly into Book Creator for iPad.

  1. Make sure to navigate to this page in Safari on your iPad

  2. Tap on a link to a template in the table above

  3. Google Drive will open in Safari

  4. Tap the Download icon in the top right (the downwards arrow in a tray)

  5. A message will pop up. Tap the Download link

  6. You'll see a little icon appear in the toolbar - a circle with a downwards arrow - tap on this to access the downloaded file

  7. Tap on the name of the file and it will open a new screen

  8. Now tap on the Share icon in the toolbar and choose Book Creator

Here's the process:

Using the templates in Book Creator for iPad

Each template comes with every page pre-loaded, so you'll have to rearrange and delete pages as you need to, and get used to editing the text, images and other items on each page. This is covered in more detail in our support article about using templates.

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