Access your book analytics

Find out how many people have read your published book and where they're from!

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Once you've published a book, you can then access analytics to see how many times that book has been read.

From your library, click on the globe icon on a book to access the book details.

Click on the tab for analytics and you'll see how many reads the book has had. If you've made your book available for remixing, you can also see how many times people have downloaded it and added it to their library.

If you're on a paid subscription, you can also use the map to see exactly where readers of your book come from! Use the controls to navigate around the map and zoom in and out.

As well as accessing analytics for your own published books in your libraries, we now show how many reads any published book has when you click on the link to view a book. For example, this book below currently has over 50,000 views! Click on the image to see for yourself.

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