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Use Book Creator with Schoology

Steps for teachers to use Book Creator in Schoology

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Book Creator can be integrated into Schoology allowing it to be easily launched from a course's materials. Teacher can configure how students should use Book Creator and students can then launch Book Creator straight from Schoology without needing to create any accounts or join a Book Creator library.


Your School or District has a subscription to Book Creator, and your Schoology administrator has installed Book Creator.

Adding Book Creator to Course materials

In your chosen course, click on Materials then Add Materials and select Book Creator from the right hand side.

This will then launch a window where you can configure how your students will use Book Creator.

You can choose from the following options:

Create a new book - each student will create a new book in a library of your choosing.

Start with a copy of a book - if you have a template book you'd like your students to all start from. You will choose an existing book in a library and your students will all get their own editable copy to work with.

Collaborate on a book together - all the students will work in the same book together

Follow the wizard through to set up the activity and then click on Finish.

This will add a new item to your course materials called 'Book Creator LTI Material'. If you wish to rename this click on the settings cog and choose Edit. Leave the other settings untouched to ensure it continues to work.

If you click on this course material (as a teacher) you can see the student experience. It will take you straight into the library and book as per your configuration. Students won't have to create an account or enter a join code.

As a teacher you can review your students' books inside Book Creator reading the books and adding comments and feedback on individual pages for your students. As there is no way to grade student work within Book Creator you will need to use Schoology's Gradebook to record grades separately.

Using Book Creator from the left hand navigation

Book Creator can also be launched from the left hand navigation in Schoology and this will sign the teacher or student straight into Book Creator using their Schoology email. They will have full access to Book Creator. Students using Book Creator for the first time will need a library code from their teachers before they can create and read books.

Using Apple's Safari Browser

We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge with Schoology. If you are required to use Safari you may receive a message to Accept our cookie to continue.

This occurs because Safari is blocking our cookie which we need to identify you so that we can provide access to your libraries from within Schoology. To fix this follow the onscreen instructions and allow the cookie when prompted.

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