STEP 1: From the left menu bar, find Interactions and select Programs

STEP 2: Click Add next to Programs on the top left

STEP 3: Carrier Template Choose whether this uses a Carrier Template or not.
STEP 4: Name your program
STEP 5: Select an interaction type

STEP 6: If your interaction requires location you will need to choose:

  • Applicable door types: Check all that apply

  • Visits Required: Number of visits required during the program dates

  • Restrict to Assigned Reps: Checking this box only allows reps to perform the program on doors they are assigned to

STEP 7: Check/Uncheck Export to Carrier: This will allow your carrier access to view the questions and responses in this program
STEP 8: Enter a Start and End Date for your program
STEP 9: Enter an External ID (optional)
STEP 10: Click Save Program

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