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How to add users in Boost Elevate GO

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To take full advantage of the tools & reporting available in Boost Elevate GO, one of the first things you will want to do as an Admin is adding your users. Adding the right users to Boost Elevate GO will allow people in your organization to sign in and complete tasks and view reporting for their assigned doors in the system.

Depending on your level of access, you will be able to choose from all or some of the following user roles for new users. Note that users can be assigned additional roles once they have been added.

Dealer Users

A couple of important things to note:

  • Here are the roles available as a Dealer User and their accesses.

    • Dealer Owners - Often a Dealer Principal or Dealer Owner, this role has complete access to the entire account. They can add any type of user to the account. They can also add checklists and assign them to locations.

    • Dealer Admins - This role has the same access as a Dealer Owner, but cannot change/add other dealer admins or owners. They can also add checklists and assign them to locations. Often this will be a Chain Manager or Operations Manager.

    • Dealer District Managers - This role has access to most of the account information, but cannot add/change any role greater than or equal to a District Manager. They can also add checklists and assign them to locations. Oftentimes, this will be a Regional Manager or quite literally a District Manager for a chain.

    • Door Admins - This role will only have access to the doors assigned to it. They can add sales reps and change their assignments. Often this will be a store manager that oversees one or a few locations.

    • Sales Representatives - This role will only have access to fill out checklists or view certain reports that pertain to the assigned doors. They cannot add any user type or create checklists. These will usually be door sales representatives.

  • The roles that are able to view the doors page are Dealer Owners, Dealer Admins, Dealer District Managers, and Door Admins. From this same list, the only one that is not able to view the dealers page is the Door Admin.

  • All Dealership Users, including Sales Rep users, have the same access to these areas of Elevate GO: DLAR and subsequent reports, Visit App and Visit Reporting.

  • Only one Dealer Owner can be assigned to one account, although Dealer Owner access can be transferred to another individual upon request by said owner.

Company & Carrier Users

A couple of important things to note:

  • Here are the roles available as a Carrier/Company user and their accesses.

    • Carrier/Company Admin: Has overall access to the account. This user can add/edit any other user for the Carrier/Company - including other admins.

    • Company Sales Manager: Can be added & assigned as a Supervisor to Company Sales Reps to view reporting for their assigned Sales Reps' doors.

    • Carrier/Company Sales Rep: Can be added & assigned to doors in order to perform store visits in the Store Visit App.

  • The IPOP integration with Boost Elevate GO will automatically match your users with the doors they are assigned to in the IPOP file using the user's email address. To ensure proper mapping, please ensure your users' email addresses match what is in the IPOP file.

Adding Users Walkthrough

STEP 1: Sign in to
STEP 2: In the menu at the far left of your screen, hover over the icon with 3 people and click Manage

STEP 3: This page will list all of your users that have previously been added. At the top left, you will see options to Add or Bulk User Upload

  • Add: Select this option if you are only adding 1 user individually

  • Bulk User Upload: Select this option if you are adding many users at once (maximum of 400 users in one upload)

Adding One User:
STEP 1: Select Add at the top of the Users page
STEP 2: Fill out the user information in the listed fields

*Note: If you only have specific access to particular accounts/locations or role management, Elevate GO may pre-populate certain fields.
STEP 3: Click Save User

Adding Multiple Users:
STEP 1: Select Bulk User Upload at the top of the Users page
STEP 2: Choose or drag in your spreadsheet of users (must be XLSX). Click Continue. We have included a template to use which will make it easier to fill out your sheet. Please take note of the required columns: Email, First Name, Last Name, and Role

STEP 3: Use the drop-down menus on the next screen to map your columns. If you used to provided template, these should already be correct.

STEP 4: Confirm the imported information is correct. If you want to leave out any users you do not want to upload by clicking the Omit box next to their name.

You can double click on the row to edit any user information

When you are finished reviewing the information, click Submit Data. This will add your new users.

For further questions, check out the rest of the Help Center. If you have a specific question, reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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