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Adding Questions

Most common way to add Questions to a Page

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STEP 1: From the left menu bar, find Interactions and then Programs

STEP 2: From the Programs Page, Select the eye icon on the program you’d like to work on

STEP 3: Select the eye icon on the page where you would like to start adding questions

STEP 4: To add a new question, select Create a New Question for This Page

STEP 5: Fill out the related fields:

  • Question Text: Enter Question Text

  • Question Type: Select Your Question Type 

  • Parent Questions: A parent question links to a child question in order to receive additional information. You can think of a child question like a follow up question:

For example, was the requirement fulfilled YES/NO? (PARENT)

  • If “No”—display this child question: “Why was it not met?” (CHILD)

  • Carrier ID: Used for SPG related visits

  • Required: Yes will require the answer; no will not require an answer be provided

  • Carrier Viewable: Yes will allow the question and its answers to be visible to SPG; no will keep the information internal to a company

STEP 6: Click Save Question

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