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Question Types

The question types available in the Boost Elevate GO Visit App.

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There are many types of questions you can set up in the Boost Elevate GO Visit App. Below we explain each question type with an example.

Text Field: Answer will be plain text

Checkbox: Answer will be a checked/unchecked box

Yes/No: Answer will be Yes or No

Select Dropdown: Answer will be one selection from given responses

Multiple Select: Answer can be one/more selection from given responses

Number: Answer is restricted to be numeric only

Date: Answer is a date month/day/year

Time: Answer is time 00:00 AM/PM

Date and Time: Answer is both date and time

Label: No answer needed. This type can be used to add further detail and/or instruction, or link to tools for the individual answering the questions.

Photo: The answer is to take a photo / upload a photo

Address: Answer is a full address—street, city, state, zip

Email Address to Copy: Answer is an email address that will receive a copy of the questions/answers. The question text used should explain that an email must be entered.

Rating: Answer is one selection from multiple choices that after completed will calculate a score. Values given to questions and a max total score can be set to preference.

Display Photo: Show a photo as a reference during the visit.

Data Point: Show a data point as a reference during the visit. Currently available for these data points:

  • ACP

  • Gross Adds

  • Upgrades

  • BYOD

  • VAS %

  • 2MR

  • 3MR

  • Elevate Marketing - Calls

  • Elevate Marketing - Campaigns Scheduled/Sent (Email + SMS)

Carrier/DDP Store Visit-Specific Fields
Contact Name: Answer is the name of the contact at the store you are meeting.
Contact Title: Answer is the title of the contact at the store you are meeting.
Comments: Answer is text for any additional comments about the visit.

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