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Follow your location's sales on a daily basis with visual reporting.

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Keeping tabs on your locations is vital to gauging the success and health of your overall business. As you look through your sales data it can be hard to see the bigger picture of what is happening. That's why Elevate GO has the Daily Sales Dashboard report. It can help you see trends, track daily sales, and more effectively manage your locations.

We're going to go through the report, how to use it, and best practices for using it in your own business. Let's begin!

You can find the report under the DLAR > Daily Sales Dashboard.

On the report page at the top, you will find the various filters to help find what you are looking for in the data. You can extend the data range as far back as 3 years (or as long as you have been in business after 2019), focus on specific locations, and even certain door types or markets. Once you have selected your filters, click "update". Pro-Tip: Use this report with the ELC Report to get the full picture of customer loyalty and bill payments at your locations.

Below the filters, you will see a few widgets. These are the averages of the data chosen. These can give you a quick idea of how you are doing for the week, month, or year. If you have filtered by region or door type, you can use it to compare and contrast which areas need improvement or praise.

After the widgets, you will find the data visualized a two bar graphs. The first is your total sales with the filters applied. This includes Net Adds, Upgrades, BYOD Adds and ACP Adds. What's great about this is you can change the graph to focus in on certain sales types.

If you use the filters at the bottom, you can remove and or add sales types to the graph. Below we wanted to see Net Adds with our BYOD Adds and ACP Adds together. Looking through this on a week-by-week basis, we can help guide your business to maybe focusing on more consistent BYOD adds going forward.

Below the Total Sales graph is the Total New RPL graph. If customer loyalty is dwindling and MRC is dropping off, it may be time to look back at your RPL (aka replenishment). This graph will change as you change the filters, and at the bottom of it you can change the breakout of the bars to daily, weekly or monthly depending on the date range chosen. Pro-Tip: Extend the date range to the whole year, then at the bottom of the page change the break out to monthly.

As you can see, the Daily Sales Dashboard report can give you a better idea of trends with sales, bill payments, and more. Utilizing these reports with the others on Elevate GO can take it to the next steps to give you a full picture of how your stores and teams are doing all year round.

If you have any questions about this report or Elevate GO, reach out to our product team by email support@boostelevatego.com or phone 877-839-8777.

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