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Introduction to Location Checklists
Introduction to Location Checklists

Accountability and operational consistency have never been easier with Boost Elevate GO Checklists.

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Managing multiple locations presents many challenges. Maintaining consistency across all of them with sales, inventory, training, compliance, and customer experience is no easy task. That's where Elevate GO's Checklist Tool can help.

The goal of Elevate GO’s Checklist Tool is to help you implement and maintain standards across your locations through a list of questions your stores answer on a regular basis. Over time, your Checklists can become your standard operating procedures as employees become familiar with the tasks that are asked of them regularly. With Elevate GO, you also have the flexibility to change up your Checklists as things change - allowing you to perfect your procedures with very little effort.

Let’s take a look at a couple ways you could implement Elevate GO Checklists at your dealership.

Operational Procedures

Ensuring that the day-to-day operations are maintained to a high standard can involve many small tasks and effective team communication. Checklists help make the small tasks and communication standardized. It all starts with simple questions. From there, you have trackable answers that can be circulated with the team to improve on any obstacles. What’s better is that questions can be updated in real-time, making that SOP easy to update as business needs change day to day. Here are a few questions you can ask in your own checklists:

  1. Have you turned the lights on?

  2. Is the TV on and playing?

  3. Have you cleaned the store floor?

  4. Have you completed the banking?

  5. Is the accessory wall stocked and faced?

Promo Ready Procedures

Getting all your locations ready for new Boost initiatives or promotions can take a lot of communication. Checklists make this a breeze by standardizing promo knowledge and inventory replenishment. When you begin receiving answers, you get an instant idea of what inventory you need, how ready your locations are, and where to start with comprehensive promo readiness. Here are a few questions you can ask in your own checklists:

  1. What customers are eligible for the bundle?

  2. Have you executed the new promo planogram?

  3. What promo has a $10 spiff?

  4. Which promos have been extended?

  5. Have you received the new promotional materials?

These are just a couple of the use cases that Elevate GO checklists can help with at your locations. Transparency, accountability, standardization, and consistency are at the core of the checklist tool that, in turn, will help your location focus on sales while still maintaining compliant operations. To get started with your checklists, check out the links below.

For further questions, check out the rest of the Help Center. If you have a specific question, reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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