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What are the Price Match FAQs?
What are the Price Match FAQs?
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Here are our Price Match Guarantee FAQs:
โ€‹Q: What is the Price Match Guarantee?

A: Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that if you find a lower rate for an identical booking on another platform, we will match it. An identical booking is for the same property, accommodation type, number of guests, dates, and equivalent payment and cancellation policies.

Q: How do I request a price match?

A: To request a price match, please provide a screenshot showing the lower rate and the same date of booking, including all comparable booking details. Send this to our team for verification and approval, along with the link to the offer.

Q: What information must be included in the screenshot for price matching?

A: The screenshot must clearly show the competing offer's rate, travel dates, booking date, property details, number of guests, accommodation type, and identical payment and cancellation policies.

Q: How will the price match be processed?

A: Once you submit your request, our finance team will verify with the host and approve the match if it is applicable. Our moderators will then adjust the booking rate manually in the system, and you will be asked to submit your payment based on the adjusted rate.

Q: Are all bookings eligible for the Price Match Guarantee?

A: Price matching is subject to certain terms, such as rate parity and matching payment terms. For example if an alternative offer has a strict non-refundable rate, weโ€™ll require a strict non-refundable rate as well. The ability to price match also depends on the host's agreement.

Q: What happens if there is a special discount on another platform after I have booked with you?

A: We honor our Price Match Guarantee post booking, if the discount is from the property owner and matches our terms. Discounts from other platforms can't be matched.

Q: Do I need to confirm my booking before requesting a price match?

A: For standard bookings, request a price match before confirmation for quicker processing. For instant bookings, you can request within 24 hours after confirmation.

Q: What if the price match affects your service fee?

A: In cases where the price match requires a service fee adjustment, we will evaluate the situation and adjust as needed.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Price Match Guarantee?

A: If you have further questions, please reach out to our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you.

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