Within Breathe, we have a payslip uploader which allows you to seamlessly upload payslips into Breathe in one go, rather than having to add them one by one.

Please note that the system currently only refers to IRIS Payrite, however if you are a LivePay customer you will also be able to upload your payslips into Breathe in the same way.

Step 1a) Getting the details out of IRIS Payrite

  • Download the zip file from within the IRIS Payrite system.

  • You will note that each file within the zip file has its own unique reference.
    Example: 0014-093-20170309

  • This reference number is formed of 3 separate identifiers:
    Company IRIS Payrite Reference : 0014
    Employee Reference: 093
    Date : 20170309

  • It is key that the employee IRIS Payrite payroll reference (093 in this example) corresponds with the employee reference on breathe, so that the system is able to correctly identify the relevant employee.

Step 1b) Getting your file from the LivePay team

  • Each month the LivePay team will provide you with your payslips in a zip file.

  • This will be unique to your business.

Step 2: Set up your IRIS Payrite/LivePay reference in Breathe

Please bear in mind that the system currently only refers to IRIS Payrite, however your LivePay reference will still work.

  • When you use the payslip uploader for the first time, you will need to provide Breathe with your IRIS Payrite identifier reference - details for this can be found in step 1.

  • Go to Company tab > Payslip Import > Enter Company Payrite reference.

  • You can edit this at any time thereafter.

Step 3: Importing the payslips and looking out for errors

Now it's time to import the zip file containing the payslips. If you have named the .pdf files correctly you should see your import pass with flying colours. Any errors will be detailed when viewing the import. This could be something common like an incorrect employee reference number that doesn't match the one you have in Breathe.

You will notice that you can set a publication date from the Payslip imports page. Once that date rolls round employees will receive an email to notify them that their payslip is ready to be viewed.

Step 4: How employees can view their payslip

Employees will be able to view their payslips from their β€˜More’ tab.

The Admin/Finance users can view employee payslips using the same steps, More > payslips:

Payslip FAQ's

Some common questions we get in support...

Why has my import failed?

Do not worry, this may happen from time to time. The good news is that Breathe will let you know where you've gone wrong by viewing the import...
Top tip: If your Import has 'finished' but no payslips have been uploaded this may be due to a missing reference number on a profile.

Will P60 information also pull across into Breathe?

No, P60 information isn't included in the integration. If you need to, you can manually upload P60 details into the employee's documents area on their profile.

Why can I not see payslip import in the company drop down?

Make sure you have payslip imports selected with your modules. To do this go to Configure > Settings > Modules

How will my staff be notified of new payslips?

If you create a payslip import and the publication date is after this date, employees will only be notified as a reminder included within their daily notifier email.

Make sure these are turned enabled on their profile πŸ‘‡πŸ»

If the publication date is before the creation date then employees will get a dedicated email advising that they have a new payslip uploaded to their profile.

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