Setting up the calendar sync

How to manage calendars for your staff and how to allow staff to manage their own calendar sync

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The calendar sync is a way to pull across leave, other leave, one-to-ones and training from within the Breathe holiday calendar to an external calendar.

Sickness will not be pulled across as part of a calendar sync.

You can manage calendar subscriptions under Configure > Settings > Calendar Subscriptions

There are two ways to manage your subscriptions. This guide will cover:

Manage calendar subscriptions centrally

*click on tutorial for a clearer view*

If you choose this option you will have control of where your Company calendar is shared within your organisation.  You can allow everyone to see each others leave or you can create departmental calendars which may be more relevant.

Please note: Syncing the calendar will provide a view of all leave that is classed as 'Other' or 'Holiday'

Allowing employees to manage their own calendars

*click on tutorial for a clearer view*

This will most likely be the option of choice as you give your employees the ability to generate their own calendar .ics which a few more options outside of Leave like syncing One to Ones.

How a person generates their own .ics (calendar sync URL)

*click on tutorial for clearer view*

How do I add the calendar to Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal?

This is where the magic happens.  You will need to grab that .ics link and add this to your 3rd party calendar.

Calendar sync FAQ's

I've added leave to Breathe but it's not showing in my personal calendar

It can take up to 48 hours for new entries to show on your calendar due to restrictions on Microsoft/Google pulling the information across.

How do I see my one to ones on the calendar?

For your employees to see their one to ones you need to give them to manage their own calendars. Advice on how to do that has been explained in this guide.

PLEASE NOTE: It is worth noting that when you have an ex-employee we would recommend generating a new url for the calendar sync as when an employee becomes an ex-employee they will still be synced to the calendar so will receive the updates leave additions etc. Generating a new link will disable these updates.

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