Kudos is such a simple way of giving praise to your colleagues for an achievement however big or small. 🎉

Breathe is all about promoting healthy company culture & therefore putting employee's needs at the 💗 of everything we do. 👫👬👭

What is kudos?

Kudos is an easy way to share and give praise across the company at a click of a button.

Think an employee or a whole department has done exceptionally well? Share the Kudos around.

Click into an employee Profile > More > Kudos, You can see who awarded the Kudos and when as well as the type and the message for that employee. 

You can also view the latest awarded kudos on the community dashboard.


So what can I use kudos for?

If you don't have an employee of the month scheme in place, you can use to kudos to kick start the process. 

Each month you can run a report on the kudos that has been awarded, and see who has exceeded in their duties in the eyes of their peers.


Give Kudos

Give out a little joy and send someone Kudos!

The Kudos feature enables all users to publicly praise other employees within their organisation. It’s quick and simple way of giving some appreciation. This can be done individually or by department.

Click on your user icon in the top right corner of Breathe and select give Kudos:

You'll then see the Kudos page:

Select who you would like to give kudos to and then add one of our pre-created or your own friendly well done messages! Now give kudos!

The employee who you gave the Kudos to will then receive an email and a notification on their dashboard that they have had something nice said about them.

If you have given departmental Kudos all in the department will be awarded Kudos, if the Kudos author is within that department they will not be included as a recipient.

Other employees can also like each others kudos by using the thumbs up icon on the kudos record.

Customising your Kudos types

You an create your own Kudos types to reflect your company culture by going to Configure > Settings > Picklists > Kudos types.

Here you can add in the values you'd like to be reflected within your account as a type of Kudos.

How to delete Kudos

This article will explain how to delete kudos. If an employee has been awarded kudos which you believe to be either inappropriate or not in keeping with your company beliefs, you can delete kudos from within their profile. 

Start by clicking into an Employee Profile > More > Kudos

This page will show you all the kudos relevant to that employee.

From here you can either edit the kudos using the pencil icon or delete the kudos using the bin icon


Kudos Leaderboard

You can either view the latest kudos leaderboard by clicking the kudos star icon in the top right hand corner and then the latest leaderboard

Or you can also access the kudos leaderboard by going to the community dashboard and then using the trophy icon

Who can view the leaderboard and what does it display? Well all employees have access to the kudos leaderboard and it will display those who have been awarded the most kudos within the last 30 days. (It's based on a rolling 30 days).

What can I use the leaderboard for?

If you have an employee of the month scheme in place, you could use the kudos leaderboard as a tool to find out whose achieved the most in the eyes of their peers.

Can I switch Kudos on and off?

We appreciate that kudos is not for everyone, so this is why we have decide to make kudos a module. What is a module? Well a module is an area of the system which you can switch on and off, therefore making the system as simple or as complex as you like. 

Under your Configure > Settings > Modules > you can enable/disable kudos. 

Tick to use kudos and update modules at the bottom of the page!

Kudos Report

Under the Reports tab there is a kudos report, which gives you information on the kudos that has been given.


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