What is the payroll export?

Keep track of changes to important employee information by exporting your payroll data. Here's how:  

Who has access to the payroll export?

If you're on a Micro or Starter plan then anyone with HR access can turn on and run the payroll export.

If, however, you're on a Regular, Pro or Premium plan, you'll need to be the account Admin or Super User (HR and Finance) to turn on the payroll export. Once activated, other users - including your finance department - can pop in, view and run the export at any time.

Please note that only details of current employees will be included within the payroll export.

How to use the payroll export

Turn on the payroll export via Configure > Modules > Payroll Export

Choose between:

  • Log changes only
    This report shows recent changes to your employee's profile, along with their reference number. That's it. 

  • Log all attributes
    This is a comprehensive report, which details information from your employee profile page, for any employees who have had changes made. 

Once activated, you'll find this under Company > Payroll Export

It looks like this:

Pay attention to the figures at the top of the page:

Change logs to export
This is the total number of employees who've made changes to their profile since your last payroll export.

Change logs to export - missing NI
This totals the number of employees without an NI number as well as those who've made changes to their profile since your last payroll export. 

Employees that need data
This displays the number of employees who are missing a NI number or an employee reference number. 

Note: Employees need to have an employee reference number to be included in the payroll export. 

Non-binary genders
Required by UK law.

Requiring P46 information
Number of employees that do not have P46 information.

Click on the blue arrows - located in the last three boxes - to find out which employees still need to update their information. 

Click the + button in the right hand corner to run the payroll export.

Note: Can't see the + plus button? Great job. Your employee information is now up to date.

Now you need to decide what information you'd like to export. Check the tick-box to include all employees - including those without NI numbers. 

Click 'add payroll export'

Our software will start to prepare your report.

Click 'update results' to view the export. Look for the arrow icon that sits under the Actions tab. 

This will show when the report was created, how many changes were included and who created it.

What do the icons mean? (These live at the top right-hand corner of the screen)

This is great for storing old reports you may need in the future. 

Forgot to add something? Need to make a change? No biggie. Click this to quickly change employee profile information and rebuild the report.

Confident the report is correct? Great. It's time to download your payroll export.

PLEASE NOTE:  The documents are .csv files and payroll bureaux's will use the files directly importing into whatever software they use.

If you wish to preserve the numbers with leading zeros here is a link to a guide that will explain how this is achieved.

And voila. You'll receive links to 4 downloadable reports. Upload or forward these to your payroll software or finance department.

They will look as follows, The example shown is Additional payments. Each will be available as an Excel spreadsheet with all the relevant information included

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