Creating a vacancy

Head on over to the recruitment tab and select add new.

Recruitment > Open Vacancies > Add new

A vacancy form will pop up. Fill it in and click save. 

Things to note:

  • The publish date relates to when you wish to share your vacancy with the world. 

  • 'Recruiter' is the person who manages the vacancy, so typically, your HR user or line manager. Whoever you pick, your 'recruiter' will receive relevant notifications for interviews etc. on their dashboard.

Our vacancy tags help you to group and keep on track of recruitment drives by department. 

Find your open vacancies under:

Recruitment > Open Vacancies

Publishing your vacancy

Once you've completed the vacancy form, click on the blue arrow to show an overview. 

Sharing your vacancy

Check twice, share once. Click on the 'eye' icon to switch to preview mode. When you're happy with the text and layout, click on the 'arrow' icon to share the vacancy.

Copy and paste your unique URL to share through your company's social account. 

Please note: 

  • The vacancy must be published and live before your unique URL is made.

  • If you want people to apply through job sites, you can copy and paste your unique URL. (This currently isn't applicable for Indeed job sites.)

Now onto managing your applicants. Find out how by selecting the following guide... (You're welcome.)

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