So you've published your vacancy and the applicants are streaming in via your unique link. Great. 

Now, there are two ways to manage your applicants:

View all applicants

Recruitment > Applicants

Use the arrow icon to go into each record to find out more details.

View the applicants straight from the vacancy

Recruitment > Open vacancies > Go to Vacancy > Go to Applicant

If you assigned the vacancy to a recruiter, they will see a list of all applicants.

Managing your applicants

You can change the status to Phone interview, 1st Interview, 2nd Interview etc.

You can even customise your own 'pick-lists' section:

Configure > Settings > Account > Picklists > Recruitment >

Top Tip - Organise your applicants and vacancies your way by dragging and dropping the applicant stages. Oh, and you can now create an individual email template for the applicant stages. Remember to save these and select the correct template for each stage or department.

Invite to an interview

  • Select a time and date and keep track of interviews on your dashboard and with our snazzy third-party calendar sync.

  • Send an automated email confirmation through Breathe or create it manually through your own email.

Hiring, rejecting, shortlisting and archiving an applicant

Let's face it, you cant hire everyone. We've given you the tools to hire, reject and shortlist direct from the applicant.

Let's take a look at these options

  • Shortlist - Too many great applicants to choose from? Keep track and add them to the shortlist.

  • Accept/hire - Great work. Press the green button to transfer their details through to your main employee list either as a pending, starter or current employee.

  • Reject - Not everyone makes the cut. Click this button to reject an applicant and choose whether to send an email or not.

  • Edit - The pencil icon will help you edit the applicants details if a change is required.

  • Archive - ¬†Close but not quite there? Check that your applicant is happy to be kept on file, then add their details to the archive.

Questions? Check out our recruitment FAQs, below. Still stuck? Call us or chat to us online. We're here to help.

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