Some organisations will be required to record data such as vaccine information as part of their COVID-19 policy.

This guide will walk you through how to record this data in your Breathe account.

The Medical facts area within Breathe allows HR users to enter any medical details - including vaccinations - that need to be recorded in an employee's profile.

1. Switching on the medical facts module

Firstly, the medical facts module will need to be enabled via Configure > Settings > Modules > ticking the ‘Medical facts' box:

2. Adding a medical fact

Medical facts can be found via the employee's Profile > More > Medical facts.

Click on the + sign to add a new medical fact record:

The required fields are the medical fact itself and severity.

You can choose the fact type from the drop-down menu if you want to, and you can add any notes in the symptoms/action needed field - although these may not be relevant for vaccinations.

3. Who can add medical fact information?

HR users can do this for all employees. Line managers may be able to access this area for their own reporting employees, if they have been given permission to view and manage medical facts within line manager settings (Configure > Settings > Change what line managers can see and do).

HR users can run a report on medical facts by heading to Reports > (People records) > Medical facts report.

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