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Can I create my own courses within the Learn module?

You can't currently build your own courses in the Learn module, but sit tight- this is something we're currently exploring.

Can you preview the courses?

Yes, you are able to view Learn courses before purchasing by pressing the 'eye' icon to the right of the relevant course.

Please note - Whilst you can view the course, any progress or results will not be able to be saved until the module has been activated on your account

Will you be adding any more courses?

Our content team will be working hard to ensure the courses are relevant and up to date, so there is a possibility that new courses may be added down the line.

Can I brand the Learn module to my organisation?

The courses are created and managed by us at Breathe, so unfortunately there isn't an option to add your own branding.

What happens if I switch the module off?

If your admin user switches the Learn module off, you will lose any data created within the chargeable courses in your account. The free course information will still be present within Learn.

How much is Learn?

The cost of the Learn module depends what Breathe plan you're on. You can view these by following the pathway from the admin account: Configure > Settings > Modules. Please note, these prices exclude VAT.

Customer case study

Here is a case study about how the Learn module has helped Fargro enhance their employee journey.

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