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Creating and Using Your Own Program Templates
Creating and Using Your Own Program Templates
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Creating a program from scratch can be time-consuming. You can maximize your time and deliver the best possible training to your athletes by saving your programs as a template. You can use the program later on, for future clients, or for making individual edits based on your athletes' individual needs.

Once you have created your program, you will need to clone it to make a copy.

To clone your program, you will click on the three vertical dots located to the right of your program name. Next, you will click "clone".

Cloning will create a copy of the program. We recommend changing the name of the program. For example, I changed the name to (TEMPLATE) Strength at Home- No Equipment.

Note: For programs, you can not save them as templates in the system. This is why we recommend adding "template" in the name to help you stay organized.

You will be able to find all of your programs in your program library. To refine the search, choose "My Programs" if you are a coach on a larger org with more than one coach. Or you can choose your org name to condense your search.

Now that you have created this program as a template, you can continue to reuse it without rebuilding. You will simply just clone the template program and assign the copied version to your athletes.

Additionally, you can save your individual phases, workouts, and blocks as templates to make the programming aspect of coaching move more efficiently. Learn how here.

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