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Use our new Analytics Module to improve your data visualization within Bridge

Coaches will have access to up to 5 report types in the Analytics module depending on their package. Our new reports are an Athlete Comparison, Exercise Comparison, and Prescribed vs. Actual report. These reports follow a similar structure while allowing coaches to utilize all workout data (worksets, tracked sets, and required sets) to visualize athlete data in different ways.

Additionally, we made our Test Result and Leaderboard reports available in this module as well!

These reports can be saved to easily view the same data, however, the number of saved reports will vary depending on package type. Click here to view the breakdown by package.

Report Types:

Athlete Comparison Report

This report compares up to 3 athletes or groups of athletes' performance for a specific exercise.

Only one exercise can be selected per graph, but coaches can select a new exercise in a separate tab of the report to seamlessly compare the athletes/groups selected against another exercise.

Coaches will select the following information for the graph:

  • Athletes / groups of athletes / teams

  • An exercise

  • A specific timeframe

The data will then be graphed can be view on both a line graph or bar graph. Once graphed coaches can manipulate the data to view different parameters, units of measurement, and logic (min, max, average, load). Filters such as set type, rep scheme, and weight prescription can also be applied.

Note: these above manipulations are available for each of the new report types.

Below the graph, all of the raw data will be displayed and is available to export as a CSV.

Exercise Comparison Report

This report compares a single athlete's performance for up to 3 exercises or groups of exercises.

Only one athlete can be selected per graph, but coaches can select a new athlete in a separate tab of the report to toggle between athletes.

Similar to the above report coaches will select different information to view on the graph and can toggle between both a line graph and bar graph.

Prescribed vs. Actual Report

Using this report a coach can view how an individual athlete's actual performance for an exercise versus what was prescribed.

Again, coaches will select a variety of parameters to show on the graph such as timeframe, reps, weight prescription, etc.

For the line graph, one line displays what an athlete was prescribed, and the other line displays the athlete’s actual data. This data can also be viewed in a bar graph.

Test Results & Leaderboards

Both the Test Results and Leaderboards report are the same as the reports we have available on the team page. These reports allow coaches to pull in test results saved in Bridge to view the performance for an exercise across multiple athletes or an entire team.

Now, these reports can easily be saved in the analytics section so coaches can pull up the same athletes in a leaderboard or test result with fewer clicks.

If any questions come up regarding our analytics section please reach out to us directly at, we're happy to help!

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