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Use a promotional code on the student side
Use a promotional code on the student side

The aim of this article is to teach you how to correctly apply a promotional code to your basket.

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1st Step: Click on the session you want to book.

2nd Step: Select the pass or subscription to be used or buy a new one available

⚠️ 3rd Step: Click on "Promotional code" > Enter the code > Pay now.

If a client simply wants to buy a product they will follow this process:

  • Select a product from the passes available and add it to their basket.

  • Click on "purchase" on the basket > Click on promotional code:

Once the promotional code has been applied, it will appear like this in your shopping cart.

The total price will have changed which means that the discount has been taken into account.

  • Client's point of view for subscriptions

4th Step: Enter your payment details and pay.

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