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Connecting with my school
Connecting with my school
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Being able to tap into the trusted sitter network of your “classmates” is really useful for parents looking to find their community’s best babysitters.

Fortunately, Bubble makes it really easy for you to see which parents at your kids’ schools and nurseries use the app – and who their babysitters are.

Every parent on Bubble has the option of linking their schools & nurseries to their profiles.

To do this, go to: My Friends> Connect with Friends > School & Nurseries.

Here you can look up your school in the Bubble data-base and add it to your profile. (If you don’t see your school, email us at and we’ll add it right away.)

Once you’ve done this, the app is able to automatically connect you with other parents at the same school, and allow you all to see the babysitters on the app that each other know.

To see all the parents at school, and their sitters they know, got to the My Friends section and tap the “My Schools” tab.

Not seeing many classmates?

Send them an invite to join you on Bubble. You’ll all benefit from an enlarged babysitter network…and you’ll share £20 of credit too!

Not yet on Bubble? Download the app for free now to find your community's best babysitters.

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