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Building a list of Favourite Sitters
Building a list of Favourite Sitters
Updated over a week ago

The app makes it really easy to save and re-book your favourite babysitters.

A "Favourite" is any babysitter:

  • You've used before, and positively rated.

  • You marked as a "favourite" when viewing their profile.

Please note, it's also easy to "unfavourite" a babysitter by tapping again on the 'heart' icon underneath their profile picture.

Once you have some favourites on the app, it's really easy to specifically send out booking requests to just them.

Navigate to the Favourites tab from your homepage and follow the steps to select the favourites you want to send a booking request out to.

You can use this feature to send out single booking requests or multi-booking requests to all or just a selection of your favourites.

Happy favouriting!

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