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My sitter just cancelled. Help!
My sitter just cancelled. Help!
Updated over a week ago

The fastest way to find a replacement at short notice is to Post a new job out to more sitters in the area who can then apply.

You will still always be in control of which sitter you want to book, and using this method ensures you can quickly see a list of willing sitters around you, who'd like to step-in and help.

While we're not an agency and do not employ the babysitters ourselves, it's obviously incredibly important to us that the babysitters on the platform are providing parents with a trusted and reliable service.

We therefore do take action when we discover that a babysitter has let a parent down by cancelling on them - especially when it's at short notice.

You can see the guidelines we give to babysitters on this subject here.

And if you've any suggestions or feedback then just let us know at

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