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Are all babysitters DBS checked?
Are all babysitters DBS checked?
Updated over a week ago

Every babysitter on Bubble is ID, Background and Reference-checked before their profiles go live. Read more about these here.

Having a DBS certificate is not a pre-requisite for babysitters on Bubble though many of them do have a valid DBS, and they're able to display this on their profiles.

Sitters are able to send their DBS into Bubble for verification, and if they do this, you'll be able to see the date of its issue on their profile and the fact that it's been seen by us.

If you'd like to view the DBS of a particular sitter - whether it's been verified by Bubble or not - we suggest you simply ask them to see it. They won't mind and are more than used to this type of request from parents they sit for.

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