What is Instant Book?
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When you create your sit request, the app will show you a list of sitters who are available for Instant Booking.

What this means is that the sitters are free for the time you need them, and if you want, you can just go ahead and confirm your booking then and there.

You don’t need to post your request and wait for applicants.

As soon as you confirm the sit, your sitter gets notified in their app, by email and SMS. Your job’s good to go and you can begin messaging your sitter in the app too.

If you don’t want to book any of the sitters presented for Instant Booking, you can simply choose to post your job out to more sitters in the area.

In this instance, you’ll start receiving applicants that you can then review and book.

Similarly, if there are no sitters for your request available for Instant Booking, then your job will be posted out to sitters in the area, allowing them to apply as normal.

Instant Book is the world’s fastest and most secure way to book incredible childcare on demand. If you have any more questions about how to use it, drop our friendly customer support team a note in your app’s Live Chat.

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