Join our exclusive membership program to get FREE Delivery on all orders over €40/£40 & more

buymieplus is the best way to get your weekly shop, giving members free delivery, stackable vouchers and exclusive access to buymie’s version of the Dunnes 10off50 promotion.

With the choice between a yearly plan or a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, you only need to shop as little as once a month to save money.

Yearly plan

Designed to provide the best value, our yearly plan offers a stress-free grocery delivery service with all the buymieplus benefits for just €79.99/£79.99.

Hesitant to commit? Make the most of your 14-day free trial & cancel anytime.

Monthly plan

Our monthly plan is a flexible alternative for those who want the same benefits but on a pay-as-you-go basis. For just €9.99/£7.99 a month, members on this plan can enjoy freedom of being able to cancel anytime.

Why should I sign up?

Like onions, buymieplus benefits have layers. You can save up to €6.99 on every shop with FREE Delivery, and if you stack it with the Dunnes €10 off €50 or Lidl's €5 off €60, you can save up to €16.99 per week.

What do you mean by 'free delivery stacks'?

Free delivery with buymieplus is automatically applied at checkout which allows members to still have the option to enter a voucher code. As a result, you can save even more by stacking a €/£ off or a % off voucher on top of free delivery.

Big savings

Whether you qualify for Dunnes 10off50 or stick to free deliveries, all you have to do is place 1-2 orders every month to be saving money. No wonder the average member saved €300 over the last year*

How do I sign up?

  1. Open the buymie app

  2. Press the menu in the top-left corner (as shown below)

  3. Go to ‘buymie plus’

  4. Choose between our yearly plan and monthly plan

  5. Press Start Plan & enjoy those benefits immediately 🕺

How do I get my free trial?

To get started on your free trial, choose yearly plan & press the Start Free Trial button below!

Your membership will renew automatically, depending on the membership option you choose. Cancel anytime.

Need help signing up or want to know more about buymieplus? Contact support via "Ask us a question" in-app or go to

*All members' total order cost includes the cost of groceries and platform fees. More information is available here.

*Please note that your buymieplus membership will only waive your delivery fee. Find out more about the costs of your order here.

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