Save €16.99 per shop with the Dunnes 10off50 promotion, exclusively to buymieplus.

That's the beauty of stackable vouchers! Get €10 off your next shop when you spend €50 or more at Dunnes Stores and use it on top of your free delivery from buymieplus.

How does it work?

  1. You must be a buymieplus member (or be signed up to the 14 day free trial).

  2. You must shop with Dunnes Stores through the buymie app.

  3. Your grocery total must be over €50 (after product exclusions).

All that's left to do then is wait the following Monday for your €10 off voucher in your email or in-app inbox! 📥

*Some exclusions apply and are listed below. Your voucher will be valid for 14 days before expiring.

Product Exclusions

Vouchers cannot be earned through the purchase of any of the following excluded goods: Alcohol products, tobacco products, lottery tickets, newspapers, medicines, gift cards, infant milk formula, mobile top-up and checkout bags.

Other products and ranges may be excluded at any time and without prior notice and such changes will be at the discretion of buymie, Dunnes Stores or as directed by Irish or EU legislation.


Is this deal the same as the one in Dunnes Stores?

buymie has their own version of the Dunnes 10off50 promotion so that you can still save even when you get your groceries delivered.

Do I need buymieplus to have access to this deal?

Dunnes 10off50 is exclusively available to buymieplus users only. To gain access as a non-member, you can either sign up to our 14 day free trial for a taster or alternatively sign up to our monthly or yearly plan.

How much do I have to spend?

To receive your €10 off voucher, you must spend €50 or more at Dunnes Stores after the aforementioned product exclusions have been applied to your basket.

I haven’t received my voucher?

All qualifying members receive their €10 off voucher the following Monday after their shop has been received. If a voucher has not made its way to your email or in-app inbox and you have followed the qualification terms, reach out to our customer support team for us to investigate.

Do I receive two vouchers if I do two shops?

Dunnes 10off50 is only valid on one shop a week therefore you cannot receive more than one €10 off voucher the following Monday.

Any more questions?

Drop us a message via live chat.

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