There are two reasons why you might not see a subscription page after login in or signing up.

New Users:

Welcome to CampusKnot! If you do not see a subscription page after sign up, it is possible that your instructor received a free trial period for you and your peers. Once the trial ends, you'll see the subscription page.

At the moment, we are offering a 5-days free trial period to students at the following institutions:

  • Mississippi State University

  • University of South Florida

Returning Users:

You might not see a subscription page because your previous CampusKnot subscription might be active. To check whether your subscription is still ongoing, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture, and select 'Account settings.'

2. Inside Account settings, click on 'subscription.'

3. Under 'End Date,' you'll find the day and month when your subscription will need to be renewed.

For example, this user will have the option of selecting a subscription on Sept. 28th. A day after her current subscription ends.

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